2021 American Concrete Institute Silver Award Winner in Design & Installation Awards Excellence in Concrete

           Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Johnson City, NY


Thank you very much for your beautiful work and generosity in helping us.
Charlie, Chip and Wes Davis
Skaneateles Jewelry
Wanted to reach out and mention how much I appreciate your patience in waiting for the change orders for the inconvenient work. This was not a small change and your team completed the work months ago. I know the job isn't quite done yet, but having your team involved has been an excellent addition from your first day on site. Thanks again.
Tyler Schneider
Home Leasing Construction
Awesome thank you! The general contractor called and said you guys did a great job! Thanks!!
Anthony Cavallaro
J&B Installations, Inc.
Truly, in spite of the compressed time commitment, I enjoyed working on this job with your staff. Each individual promoted your Company and the individual ethics of the firm in a highly respectable manner in all our dealings. Thank you for the opportunity to complete this project on a timely cost effective basis.
Robert N. Young
FJ Construction, Inc.
Thank you so much for the great work over at Pembroke Bus Garage. It is hands down one of the best brick matches I've seen.
Whitney East, Inc
Just wanted to let you know that the guys finished up this morning and it looks good. They got it Wednesday afternoon and filled things in and smoothed it out, started painting yesterday and finished today(Friday). They were very accommodating and kept me posted on everything.
Pastor Scott Strobel
First Bible Baptist Church
The District just notified me that they had your workers move from the courtyard they were working in to another area due to some interviews they were conducting in an office by the courtyard. Your guys were very accommodating and nice about the request and the District appreciates that.
Mark Azzarello
King & King Architects